This website, as the most of sites in the Internet, uses Cookies to improve and optimize the user’s experience. Hereafter, you will find detailed information about what Cookies are, which typology is used in this site, how you can disable them in your browser and how to block specifically the external Cookies installation.

What are Cookies and how does DF-SERVER site use them?Â

Cookies are files which the website or application you use installs in your browser or device (Smartphone, tablet or connected television) throughout your tour around the pages or web application. They serve to store information about your visit. As the most of the Internet sites, the DF-SERVER web portals use Cookies for:

  • Guarantee that the webpages can properly run.
  • Store your preferences, such as the language you have selected or the font size.
  • Know about your browsing experience.
  • Collect statistic anonymous information, such as which pages have you visited or how much time have you been in our media.

The Cookies usage allow us to optimize your browsing, adapting the information and the services offered to your interests, to provide you a better experience each time you visit us. The DF-SERVER websites use Cookies to run, adapt and facilitate to the maximum the user’s browsing.

The Cookies are only associated to an anonymous user and his computer/device and they do not furnish references which allow us to know about personal details. Every time you will be able to acceed to your browser configuration to modify and/or block the Cookies‘ installation sent by the DF-SERVER websites, without avoiding the access to the contents. However, the functioning services’ quality can be affected.

The DF-SERVER e-mail marketing tools use small, invisible images for the users; these ones are included in the emails. This technology allow us to know if an email was read or not, which date, the IP address from which it was consulted, etc. With this information, we make statistical and analytical studies about the sending or recipient of the emails to improve the service offer which the user is suscribed to and offer him the information which could be interesting.

Why are they important ?Â

  • From a technical point of view, they allow the websites to run more quickly and more adapted to the users’ preferences, such as store the language, the country’s currency or detect the access device.
  • They establish such protection and security levels that avoid or make difficult ciberattacks against the website or its users.
  • They allow the media managers to know statistical data collected in the Cookies to improve their services’ quality and experience.
  • They serve to optimize the publicity we show to the users, offering the most suitable to their interests.

Which ones are the different kinds of Cookies we use in DF-SERVER?

  • Those session ones expire when the user leaves the page or closes the browser, it means, they are activated during the visit period to the website, consequently, they are deleted from our computer when we leave it.
  • Those permanent ones expire when the aim, for which they serve, is achieved or when they are manually deleted, they have deletion date and they are used in the online purchase process, customizations or in the register, in order to not have to constantly introduce our password.

On the other hand, depending on which is the entity which manages the equipment or domain from which the cookies are sent and treat the obtained data, we can discern between own Cookies or third-parties ones.

  • The own Cookies are those ones which are sent to your computer and exlusively manage by us to a better website functioning. The information we collect is used to improve our service’s quality and your user’s experience.
  • If you interact with our website content they can also be established third-parties Cookies (such as, when you clic on social networks buttons or watch videos hosted in another website), those ones which are established by a different domain of our website. We can not acceed to the stored data in the Cookies from other websites when you browse in these websites.

Browse around these web portal means that you can install these different kind of Cookies:

Type of CookiesDescriptionUsage examplesThird-parties services
GEOLOCATIONThese Cookies are used to store geolocation data of the computer or device to offer you more suitable contents and services.
  • Contents adapted to the country, city, language, etc.
REGISTERThe register Cookies are created when you sign up or start session in one of our web portals.
  • You can keep authenticated although you close the browser, thus, when you go back there you will keep identified unless you disconnect or log out session.
  • To access to some areas in our web portals, such as participating in a contest.
ANALYTICALThese Cookies collect information about your browsing experience in our web portals in an anonymous way. – We can count the number of web visitors or the most watched contents.
  • We can know if the user who is acceeding is a new one or he is entering for the second, third…times.
  • This information can help us to improve the browsing and provide you a better service.

Some DF-SERVER services can use connectors with certain social nets: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, etc. When using this social register, you authorise the social net to store a permanent Cookie. This Cookie reminds your identification in the service, making quicker the acces in the following visits. This Cookie can be removed and, moreover, you can cancel the DF-SERVER services access licences from the specific social net privacy configuration.

How can I set my Cookies?Â

When browsing and continue in our website, you will be authorising the Cookies usage in the contained conditions in the current Cookies Policy. DF-SERVER gives access to this Cookies Policy at the moment of the registration so that the user will be reported, without the prejudice to the possibility of executing his right to block, remove or refuse the Cookies usage at every moment.

At any case, we report you that, due to Cookies are not necessary for our website usage, you can block them or inhabilitate them by activating your browser seting, which allows you to refuse all the Cookies or some of them installation. The most of the browsers allows to warn about the Cookies presence or refuse them automatically. If you refuse them you will be able to keep using our website, although the usage of some services may be limitated and, thus your experience in our website will be less successful.

Hereafter, we indicate you the links of the main browsers and devices so that you have all the information to consult how to manage Cookies in your browser.

Internet Explorerâ„¢ :

Version 5

Version 6

Version 7 and 8

Version 9

Version 10

Version 11

Safariâ„¢ 5 y 6:â„¢ 7:â„¢ 8: en iPhone, iPad o iPod:



Operaâ„¢ :


Windows Phone


If you want additional information about how to configurate the Cookies in a detailed by supplier way or administrating your preferences, visit the portal  Your Online Choices.

Do we update our Cookies Policy?Â

It is possible that we update the Cookies Policy of our website, this is the reason why we recommend you to verify this policy each time you acceed to our website in order to be properly reported about how and for what we use the Cookies. The Cookies Policy was updated the last time on the [27th February 2015].