Myths and truths about Document Management

They still exist companies with fear to implement a document manager and leave behind the paper usage, which today is the main source in many organizations. This fact can be a result of the existence of certain myths created around the paperless offices and, consequently, make difficult the acquisition of the new proposal.

The software is a difficult-to-use tool

*Everything which the client unknown provokes fear, especially if he has been working for years in the same way using paper. ...

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Do not lose your documents. Save and manipulate them in a document manager.

With a short demonstration we are going to quickly prove the advantages of the digital documents manipulation:

Paper file
Archive 2,000 documents= 5 days
Search 1 document= 5 minutes
Edit, photocopy 1 document= 2 minutes
Destroy= Time and money
Sending= Time and money

Digital file
Digitalization of 2,000 documents= 2 hours
Search 1 document= 5 seconds
Edit 1 document= 10 seconds
Eliminate= Fast and for free
Sending= Fast and for free

More than the 50% of the information ...

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Document manager importance for the Administration

There is no doubt among citizens that Administration is a bureaucracy and paper synonym, a lot of paper in fact. It is true that, over the years, the concept has evolved…but it keeps being a sector which produces a very high quantity of information. It still exists fragmented paperwork and certain access difficulties to it, but with document management programs you can obtain:
• A single working interface which allows to browse through all our complete folders tree without being necessary ...

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¿Sabías que…?

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  • Recientemente se ha añadido un comando de acceso rápido para poder mover documentos por la estructura del DF-SERVER de una manera más rápida y ágil sin tener que estar desplegando menús y/o carpetas. Si nos posicionamos sobre un documento y ...
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