Do not lose your documents. Save and manipulate them in a document manager.

With a short demonstration we are going to quickly prove the advantages of the digital documents manipulation:

Paper file
Archive 2,000 documents= 5 days
Search 1 document= 5 minutes
Edit, photocopy 1 document= 2 minutes
Destroy= Time and money
Sending= Time and money

Digital file
Digitalization of 2,000 documents= 2 hours
Search 1 document= 5 seconds
Edit 1 document= 10 seconds
Eliminate= Fast and for free
Sending= Fast and for free

More than the 50% of the information contained in this file will never be used. The 100% could be available on a computer screen.
The paper manipulation, documents, of a small file requires at least from 500 to 1,000 hours a year (with very few exceptions).

 Return on investment: from 6 to 12 months.
 Information capacity: +300%!
 Profitable time management: +10%!

In labour force, including the one from the managers, 5,000£…8,000£ and more, it is the cost required every year to manipulate documents.
At least 1,800£ every year in sheets of paper, toner, machines, folders, energy, staples, pins, notes, post-its, seals, envelopes, bindings…the repayment from 6 months so far…

Any investment on an INTELLIGENT DOCUMENT MANAGER set up has a guaranteed return:

The cultural change which means working with physical documents turning into digital ones is so wide and innovative that it requires a certain measurement, comparison between both options.
It is such usual manipulating the paper that we assume any cost (included the environmental one) which can mean.

The “paper culture” is spread among all the areas in a Company with an incomparable cost with the digital option.
Now, we notice that, with the system change (thanks to technology), we can get much more saving almost the 90%.

An added value of great importance is that the information which “dominates” forever in the document manager go entirely public, since all document data are digitalized and not only the ones which must be quantified or particularly extracted.

The information becomes corporative and universal…instantly.
At last it is possible, easy and immediate linking documents, linking them to folders, projects, studies, expedients…It means, an optimal document management system.

The information can be treated apart from its format, physical, of content or structure.

A configured files management system, even in its more insignificant details, to have wide coverage before the rules of Data Protection Laws, Intellectual protection, Tax Agency …

The backups guarantee the information balance before any type of damage.

At last the access to information and its different confidential levels are better saved than ever.

Each user can only access to certain files.

The TRACEABILITY of each digital document, the total control of each change or version, leaving record of the previous one, the report of each execution on the document (who, when, what…) brings a very useful evidence to all the management areas, incidences resolution…

Each document WORKFLOW supports the management of any execution line and its registration.

The work from day to day is speeded thanks to the EXPEDIENTS and processes control.

Today, each physical document begins and ends in itself, in its own cycle. With attached documents of delivery notes, reports…together, but not associated.

Latent risks of data losses, by misdirection, misappropriation, legal requirements, almost total certainty of SECURITY against any risk.

With future vision and desire of immediate competitiveness, there is only place to think about setting a COMPLETE and useful document manager. A complex system of associated information.