Myths and truths about Document Management

They still exist companies with fear to implement a document manager and leave behind the paper usage, which today is the main source in many organizations. This fact can be a result of the existence of certain myths created around the paperless offices and, consequently, make difficult the acquisition of the new proposal.

The software is a difficult-to-use tool

*Everything which the client unknown provokes fear, especially if he has been working for years in the same way using paper. The main opponents of implementing document management are the people involved in the process, it means, the ones who will work with the document management system. However, at the moment they have knowledge about the benefits from a document manager, they will turn into appreciating the change. The software developers always have as a purpose the design clearness and manipulation of their tools to achieve a wider audience.

The digital documents management is not sure.

*With a document manager the security is higher than the one generated by the paper based processes, since the software allows to define some roles for each person, controlling who can see the document, edit and share it, etc…Backups can be established and recover damaged or lost documents. On the other hand, the documentation control in the traditional format, the paper, is limited to the physical space where the document is, with the possible consequences derived from the physical damages or loses by any disaster (a fire, flood, etc.).

The benefits of implementing document management are perceived after a very long period.

*Companies which have already adopted the documents digitalization can testify that the project cost has not certainly been a cost but a future investment, for a work methodology much more efficient, economic and ecologic. Among the great advantages, it is highlighted the saving in search periods, efficiency and processes optimization. Moreover, the physical spaces reduction and the decrease of the paper usage are also important and, of course, our employees time saving, previously invested in unproductive office tasks.

All paper must be eliminated to achieve the concept “Paperless office”.

*Every change takes place gradually, it means, in the document management adoption, the paper reduction is not immediate. It is important to highlight that there are certain documents which, according to Law, must not be destroyed or have a specific expiration time.

It eliminates job posts.

*False. Our employees work is facilitated. Work hours are released in the paper manipulation thanks to the documents digitalization, which, in many offices exceeds the three hours for each administrative officer to invest that time in more profitable and useful tasks for the company. In addition, it brings quick results in searches, processes consecution and workflows, etc.