DF-SERVER EVO is the most updated and sofisticated document management software in the market. It has been developed following the last methodologies and techniques to create software projects, using the best tools and fulfilling the most stricted quality controls to create a powerful, reliable and agile product. Moreover, thanks to thousands of users who are nowadays using it, we can offer a product which has been permanently improved and with many new functionalities derived from the proposals and suggestions which our clients has indicated to us.

The main DF-SERVER EVO’S challenge is that of streamline the work related to document management at any company or entity, regardless of its size or activity, as they could be the bills, delivery notes, invoices, writings, manuals, photographies, maps, etc.

Ventana DF-SERVER EVO explorador

DF-SERVER EVO is suitable with the most of the formats and kinds of documents which we are used to currently work with, such as, PDF, TIFF documents and any type of digital image which can be obtained from scans, emails, digital cameras, mobile devices, etc. You will be also able to store documents from the main available packages in the market (Microsoft Office, Open Office, Libre Office…), as they can be documents with DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, ODT, PPTX…extensions. Our software’s compatibility does not finish here, but it also allows you to manage your AutoCad plans, any other kind of daily used document to store data or exchange them (XML, CSV, TXT,…), even your emails (MSG, EML), source code files (JPS, ASP, PHP…), zipped documents (ZIP, TAR, GZIP,…) and multiformat documents MMD where you will be able to attach any type of document to maintain all the documents more organised and reachable.

Ventana configuracion procesos automaticos

The system will process all the documents stored in the different configurated datawarehouses, extracting the complete text on them, in addition to other parametres and data, in order to be able to locate them after and work comfortably with them from the different products and modules from the DF-SERVER EVO family.

Furthermore, the system automatically clasificates all your documents once they are scanned or acquired from different digital origins to make easier your daily work, avoiding unnecessary losts of time and money .