Which ones are the benefits of using document management with DF-SERVER?

All the paper documents in your company can be led to digital format in an organised and professional way thanks to DF-SERVER.


Cost saving. Simply with the starting investment, a company can save the 20-40% of its office costs at least.

Save physical space

Release physical space that needs the historical file for 5 years (in some cases 10 years) and the office supplies storage, in addition to the space it occupies.

Easy search

Remove the document manipulation. Its search, storage and movement among departments. Eradicate the difficult processes of data location.



Capitalize the labour force, directing it towards more profitable tasks than archiving, photocopying, comparing, locating, stapling…papers.


Immediate response in real time to requirements in negotiations, doubts, difficulties, claims, about purchases or sales, in front of any client or supplier.


Replace paper, photocopies, toner, folders, printers, staples, office supplies like envelopes, seals, etc.

Our clients say:


  • DF-SERVER has allowed us to digitalise and organise all our bills and delivery notes; now we have an easy and quick access to our file. Our aim: the office without paper. –Jaime Pino – Moreira & Cia

  • With DF-SERVER we are managing an important reduction on the physical documents to manipulate and store. We have improved the response time in information manipulation and invoicing, thanks to the Workflow module.–Teresa Ocampo Martínez - FRIGODIS, S.A., (Grupo Pescanova)

  • We are satisfied with the service provided regarding the maintenance and installation of the Document Management program which we are installing in our association. .– Juan Carlos Domínguez Rodríguez - IT Department manager - Cádiz Nursing Association